Control Every Aspect of Light in Your Home

Rako are the market leaders in lighting control for the residential market, offering a wide selection of lighting control solutions, with system sizes for every requirement. When you choose Rako from Smart Home OU you’re not only investing in a system that will redefine your way of living, you’re also making a conscious choice to lessen your impact on the environment.

Rako’s system is designed to control the light in an entire home. By replacing multiple dimmers and switches with simple keypads a Rako system controls the lighting in each area of the home enabling each area to be lit correctly.

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Rako Keypads

Have Your Home at the Touch of a Button

In each room the touch of a button sets the lighting and mood of the room; for example for cooking, eating, entertaining, watching TV or even doing the housework. Upstairs, settings for reading, dressing or bathing can be set, with low level settings for moving around at night without waking others.

In the garden, we can programme your outside lighting to run from dusk to dawn or whatever times you chose, and integrate with movement detectors or your gate entry system to bring up the drive lights as you come in.

At the front door we can program an exit button to turn off all the lights when you leave or run a holiday programme bringing lights on as required to deter intruders.

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Transform Your Home with Rako Blinds

Create the Perfect Ambience for Your Home

Blinds not only play a key part in creating a pleasant interior, they also provide security and privacy. Having the ability to effortless control them, even when you’re away from home, is the ultimate in convenience and adds a level of sophistication to any home.

Smart Home OU are proud to be Certificated Rako Installer, the market leaders in home automation, and we supply and install the full range of blinds. Working with you, or your designers/developers, we’ll design a complete solution that will enable you to create the perfect ambience in your home, whatever the occasion.

Complete Control

Rako Blinds system, allows precise and effortless control of the blinds throughout your home. At the touch of a button, blinds can be raised or lowered to create the perfect ambience. Simple, intuitive controls combined with near-silent operation provides an elegant solution that complements all types of living space. By controlling levels of natural daylight, your home can maintain the right light levels and temperature throughout the day.

Rako Bride iPad & Touch Screen Control

Bringing Your Home to Life

Integrates with most Apple and Android smartphones & tablets using the Rako App Control,

With this application you can control your entire lighting installation from a touch screen, either hand held or using a permanent wall mount.

Even when out of the house you have full control anywhere you have internet access, this means you can turn the lights off and put the system into away mode after you have left or turn the lights on before you come home.

Even when you are not home Rako Bridges linking controls the lighting, blinds & curtains using movement sensors and a sophisticated time clock programme, helping to keep your home safe and secure.

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